toilet slave training

I am very aware of what it takes to have a good toilet slave training submissive.

The most crucial is you need a very willing and devoted slave that is on call as needed.

I have just that kind in my lousy ,rancid smelling sub Steve, he wears a black latex panties and

a bib  so he does not miss a drop of my golden shower. Down on his bruised knees he stays silent ,

blindfolded waiting for me to present my inner thighs on each side of his face as I make ready to aim for his

mouth.  As my toilet slave he always makes sure to wash my pussy with a long tongue bath.

Very thorough, this pathetic creature I know as  Steve. I also enjoy calling him my little toilet whore,

as I caress his face with my spiked glove leaving angry red marks all across it.

Steve just can never get enough of my special brand of care.


Mistress V



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