Where Do You Think Your Going?


Excuse me my pet! Where do you think your going? Oh sweet heart if you going to go to the bathroom, I told you you have to go in your Adult Diaper I got you! Now get on your hands an knees and come bow down in front of me and worship your Mistress  until I am pleased! You’re lucky I am doing this to you instead of your punishment, which is still to come, but first I need you to stand up I am going to lock that tiny cock of yours up in this chastity device to make sure you don’t play with yourself after I excuse you back to your cage! Aww don’t make that face. You know you’re my special submissive, But today you are to go without getting off, and you are going to be forced to wear that diaper until I say otherwise! Understand me? Good, now call me for some Domination phone Sex!



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