Wife Domination!!

You have been a very bad husband lately, haven’t you? Forget whatever else you’ve done, the worst is that you haven’t made me cum in a very long time, dear. Have you really become that lazy or the selfish? I’ve put up with it for some time now, but I’m done with that.  Being complacent got me nothing at all, so I’ve decided that it’s time for me to show you my dominant phone sex wife side.  First thing you’re are going to do is eat my pussy like you never had before.  I’m going to sit on your face, all but smothering you with my pussy, and you’re are going to make me cum. If you don’t do that, if I don’t cum across you face I have this wonderful leather crop that I would have to use on you.  How would you like your punishment? Call me for some femdom phone sex!



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