Blindfolded and Bound

You have been taken from the side walk cafe you were having lunch at all the lady ask for was some help fixing a problem with her car which everyone that knows me knows i am blank when it comes to cars and etc.So what made me think i could help her maybe it was those baby blues of hers and that innocent and helpless look she had.Man did she fool me now how in the hell am i going to get out of this.

This place is cold and damp might because i am naked and blindfolded and bound up here on this cold floor not hearing anything not even a  bug crawling across the floor wonder where i am she put or someone put something on my lips and giggled and said don’t go anywhere until all of your holes have been filled wonder what she meant by that.And so now i am blindfolded and bound up waiting to find out why and who would want to do this to me.



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