Small Penis Humiliation


Some people like blind dates while others use them for a small penis humiliation phone sex session. You see I was on a date one night with this guy I met online. He looked like he had it all. Great looks, gorgeous smile, nice clothes, had a nice steady job going for him too. Super tall, muscular, he looked like the perfect hunk. That was until we got back to my place a were about to fuck. He pulled his pants down and I immediately was struck with a wave of disappointment, and then laughter. He literally looked like a ken doll down there! I bet my thumb was bigger than that thing he called a dick. It was so tiny it’s hard to believe a man like that could pack something so small and insignificant and still have the nerve to want humiliation phone sex!



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Teasing Mistress Tawny

leather heelsCome here my slaves ! I want you to sit here and watch me with your cocks out as I slowly tease and torture that cum out of those pathetic excuse for cocks you have! Now I am going to slowly step into my leather 9 inch thin black heels your favorite ones. You know the ones I use to step on your balls with? Yes, those ones!  Now I am going to slowly take off my leather dress and let it hit the floor. Aww, look your cock is getting soo hard! Too bad its soo pathetic to look at. I mean its like you have no penis at all ! And slave number 2 I don’t know why you’re smiling your penis is smaller than his you little bitch!  Now, why don’t you come over here and take my panties off with your teeth but you better not touch my silky, smooth.. skin .. with those pouty lips of yours! understand me fag? Now be a good little whore and call me for some domination phone sex !
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MILF Wants Cuckold Money Slave

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I love being a mommy to my ABDLs, but there is a part of me that is raw and stressed and just needs someone to dominate and abuse from time to time. I am missing that someone in my life, and the hole grows bigger every day where the space needs to be filled. It has always been a very dark fetish of mine to sink my claws into an unsuspecting man and get into some cuckold phone sex. I also really fancy the idea of getting to use him to satisfy my need for financial domination on top of everything else I’m going to do to him.

I know that you’re lonely and I know that you think you’re too old for someone like me to ever be interested in you. Sure I’m a MILF, but I’ve got a tight, sexy body that men can’t keep their hands off of. And besides, you can offer me something in return for getting rights to everything I have to offer you… All I need is your money! That’s right. Think of me as your sugar baby. I’ll dominate you and humiliate you. You can watch other men fuck me right in the bed we will sleep in together! I know you’re into cuckolding. Don’t try and pretend!

I expect you to take me out a few times every week. My car payment will need to be met monthly, as well as insurance for it, and my health! We need me up to par for you to be able to keep me around! I’ll need dental, manicures and pedicures, clothing allowances, and of course spending money. And no you don’t get to know what it’s for! That’s my business and you’re only here for me to use and abuse in the ways I see fit.

I get to dominate you every day when you come home from working hard for MY money and you won’t say anything about it or you’ll end up getting it twice as bad for talking back! I make the decisions around here. Keep me happy and I’ll make you my little bitch just the way you like it. You will keep wine in a fridge for me at all times and be sure to keep my favorite snacks on hand. I expect you to take notes of all of my favorite things and don’t let them run out!

Sure I’ll dress up for you! Just as soon as you take me to the mall so that I can pick out something nice to wear when I bend you over and give you some spankings when we get home! My tank is empty and I need gas! It’s up to you to make sure every single thing I want from you is taken care of. I don’t want to have to lift a finger, and if you slack and make it so I have to take care of it by myself, there will be Hell to pay the next time I get you alone! Is that understood?

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