Shower with Mommy

Enema Phone Sex

You filthy little shit. I just need you to be clean for a freaking day! Stop moving so much! I’m just trying to make sure you get a good clean bottom and a new dry ABDL diaper. I’m gonna be so pissed off if you get this one filthy again within the next hour. You know what I’ll just have to give you an enema right now. Get all that nasty poop right out of you. And then you and I can take a nice hot shower and we can both get all nice and clean for bed time. You know very well that mommy just loves hot showers with you. Even more so after a nice fun enema. Hahaha! Oh, and I know just how much you just love enemas don’t you you little slut. We better make our way to the shower now. You know mommy likes to do this in the tub. Less clean up for me. Call me now for some fun Domination Phone Sex.



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