Shopping With My New Sissy Slut!

                                                         Sissy- Slut, Feminzation

                                                                                                     I took my new Sissy Slut Jasmine shopping yesterday. I helped him pick out new panties to wear, for when we play dress up. I helped Jasmine pick out some new bras, as well. I took him to the make up counter, and the sales lady gave Jasmine her first make over. I watched as she applied Jasmine’s lips with pink sparkily lip stick. The look on the sales lady’s face was priceless, when she saw how pretty Jasmine’s face was. I had such a great time shopping with my new Sissy Princess. She is such a sweet girl. If I could, I would take her shopping every day. Next week, I’m taking us to get our nails done. I haven’t decided  on what color, I’m painting mine yet. I like hearing about what my sissies like to wear, while I’m talking to them on the phone. I can sometimes get a good visualization of how they look in their pretty colors. I’m always looking forward to giving out my feminzation tips, as well. All you have to do is ask Mommy Janey. I’ll do my best to make you into my special Sissy Slut



Sissy Girl Phonesex.

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