Fun Sissification Training!!

You want to prove that you really are a good, obedient sissy slut, and will do anything that I ask you to? Anything that your phone sex Mistress wants, that’s what you said you would do to show me your devotion. Now, you haven’t come far enough in your sissification training to actually be fucked by a real man. No, not nearly far enough to deserve that, dearie. What I will give you is a fun vibrating plug to fill up your empty sissy pussy! Fun for me, anyway, because I’m going to cut it on high and while it’s getting you all excited you will have a small assignment. You will get down between my thighs and eat my pussy until I cum all over your face. The only catch is that I have to cum before you. If you let that little plug get you so excited that your clittie starts to spurt before you are allowed to cum, I’m afraid that useless thing is getting locked up straight away in a chastity cage! Go ahead and call me so we can get your humiliating sissy chastity underway!



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