Financial Slavery

Financial Slavery

Financial Slavery is indeed a very hard Fetish to do correctly.  It take a lot of time and effort on your behalf.  What is it exactly? It basically is when a slave wants to give all they have; not just in a financial manner; to their Mistress. Without any expectation that She will even acknowledge that you even exist. She might toss you some crumbs now and then, but it is up to you to give Her your all.

You come second, the mere fact that you have to pay someone to take your money is one of the truest forms of Humiliation there is.  Here is a Woman is Superior to you in every way, and would never ever give you even the time of day if you were to meet her in real time, and in order for you to have, and maintain her attention you have to dole out money.  Is that what it is all about? Certainly not.

In order to be a true Financial Slave you must give no thought to yourself. Your goal in life is to provide to your Mistress a certain lifestyle, knowing that She has the things She has partly due to your tributes, gifts, payments, and donations.  That in it’s self should fill you with pride, knowing that you have done something for your Mistress that no other has done.  You help Her life the life She deserves.

There is something you must understand. This is not a give and take form of relationship. No, She isn’t taking anything from you, you are giving to Her without reservation.  There is never any sexual contact just because you have paid Her light bill, or brought Her the perfume that She loves. She is NOT a whore, She is a Goddess.  It also does not mean that she will even give you the time of day, if She sees fit not too.

This is the way I see Financial Slavery. How do you see it?

Mistress Angel Nevermore


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