Cock Crushing Fun!


Are you ready for some cock crushing phone sex? Does it make you hard and eager when you think of my bare foot pressing down on your dick, the feel of my hot, soft skin against you.  I’ll just lean in towards you, pushing my body weight down into my foot, squishing your cock further into the floor until you can actually feel it flatten out. When you start to moan and cry out, I’ll pull back a little, give you some release, rolling your cock back and forth under my foot.  I’ll push back down, and do that over and over again, press and pull back till it becomes to much and you cum with a shout, your body spasming  while I keep you crushed into the floor. When you finally calm down, I will make you get onto your hands and knees to crawl over to the splashes and little puddles of your cum, and lick up every bit of it. Do you want me to be your phone sex Mistress? Call me so I can be part of your domination fantasy.



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