Menstration Sex

I get so horny during my period. I don’t know why but I need a cock inside me while bleeding all over it. It is a good thing I have my little boy toys to do just that. Most men would shy away, but my boy toys have been trained up to do everything mistress tells them to do. Right now I want toy 1 to lick my pussy out, blood and all. Make me cum and clean up all the mess that drips out of my┬áspasming pussy. I then have toy 2 pull out his thick cock to fuck my bloody twat. I want me to fuck it hard and make me orgasm multiple times all over his dick. You can see how much I enjoy his thick cock pounding away at me from all the blood all over his cock and me. God that is perfect to have your needs met by such well trained toys. I feel so good after my lust is sated that I even allow my toys to cum.

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