Choked on a Big Black Cock

Today I got tied up naked and left in a room. A man walked in with a big black cock dangling between his legs. I didn’t know what he was going to do to me when he walked up and stroked my face. When he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back to look into his eyes with a evil smirk. He pried my mouth open and shoved his big black cock into my throat. He brutally fucked my mouth with no thoughts to my being able to breath. As he violently forced his huge cock into my mouth over and over I couldn’t help but get lightheaded and turned on. My pussy started to drip the harder he fucked my throat, making me take his every inch over and over. Just as he came hard with his whole big black cock in my throat I came and passed out. When I woke up I was alone again with a sore throat, aching jaw, and the lingering taste of cum on my lips.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Oh, I see now why you seemed so shy about getting undressed.  The way you were talking before, about how you were going to fuck me hard, make me feel it for a week…well, that was just a great big lie, wasn’t it? It would be very hard to fuck me hard with that itty bitty little penis.  You really do deserve to have some small penis humiliation phone sex, don’t you? Matter of fact, I’m going to call some of my girlfriends over, and we are all going to have a laugh over the miniature cock you have there. You don’t like the idea of that? Then you shouldn’t have lied!  You had me all excited, thinking I was about to get some hard, massive cock, something that would fill every inch of my greedy phone sex pussy. Then I saw what you had…I’m more than a little upset about this! You deserve to be embarrassed by this! I bet you couldn’t even fill the cardboard tube that toilet paper comes on, would you? Do you need to hear more about how badly I will embarrass you? Call me for some humiliation fetish phone sex!



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