Crushing Men Beneath My Heels

male submissive, crushing,

female domination, submission

There really is something deeply satisfying in walking on some hapless man while he is splayed out underneath my feet. My bare feet, my high heeled shoes, my mules, my thigh high boots… all of it is pleasant to use, depending on my mood and whoever it is that in need of my skills. There are more than a few reasons to lay yourself down for me to trample, domination from a strong woman, wanting that feeling of being small and helpless and so close to being crushed beneath me into a red splatter on my floor. That really is a favorite for a lot, the fantasy of a giant woman crushing them underneath their pretty high heeled shoes. Slowly is best, the pressure building up till they beg for me to stop and beg for me to press down harder. And I get the final choice either way. Call me for some crushing phone sex so you can tell me how much you want to be underneath my boots.

Mistress Angel


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