Crushing Men Beneath My Heels

male submissive, crushing,

female domination, submission

There really is something deeply satisfying in walking on some hapless man while he is splayed out underneath my feet. My bare feet, my high heeled shoes, my mules, my thigh high boots… all of it is pleasant to use, depending on my mood and whoever it is that in need of my skills. There are more than a few reasons to lay yourself down for me to trample, domination from a strong woman, wanting that feeling of being small and helpless and so close to being crushed beneath me into a red splatter on my floor. That really is a favorite for a lot, the fantasy of a giant woman crushing them underneath their pretty high heeled shoes. Slowly is best, the pressure building up till they beg for me to stop and beg for me to press down harder. And I get the final choice either way. Call me for some crushing phone sex so you can tell me how much you want to be underneath my boots.

Mistress Angel


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Dominate Sabrina

frSabrina would love to be the one getting dominated !  Having a cuckold come up from behind her and bend her over.  Taking a handful of hair in his hand pulling as hard as he can.  Sabrina knows how to be a good submissive.  She loves to be gagged and choked as he slides his big cock in her wet pussy.  Sabrina loves the way it feels to be the sissy bitch.  Getting called a whore as she takes that big cock.  Having her cuckold sissy take charge gets Sabrina so wet.  After he climaxes, Sabrina takes her turn.  Bending him over and sliding her lubed strap-on into his welcoming ass.  Her sissy bitch takes it like the adult baby he is .  She gets such pleasure fucking her submissive sissy in the ass.  Hearing him moan with delight .



puppy training

Such a filthy little puppy he get’s into everything.

I found him licking one of my lady slave’s very hairy pussie’s I smacked him on the ass

with a hairbrush. He ran from me in shame and stayed in his cage panting.

What a silly puppy thinking he can actually hide from his most devilish mistress.

I grabbed him by his tail and pulled him out to the middle of the room and told him just how angry he made me.

Then I pulled his leather diaper down and tied his small cock with a dog collar while he whined and pissed

on the carpet.

This is what you get when I am upset you bad boy you!



Mistress knows all your secrets


Mistress is always watching.

Be aware that all the things you are trying so hard to bury I will

pull them from your wretched skull during a session with me.

In my playroom I will breath life into your fears & abuse you to the point of tears with them.

After you are done feeling sorry for yourself you can come clean my toilet with your tongue

you will know the taste of degradation before the night is through silly little bdsm slave thinking you can

get away with not doing your chores.  I am always watching ,you do best not to forget that!



humiliation after the holidays


There is something that really keeps my spirits up it is humiliation after the holidays.

You call that a cock it looks more like half a cocktail weenie that has been gnawed on by a shih tzu.

Do you really expect me to be able to be satisfied being served with that tiny shriveled up nothing?

You think your oral skills will cover it I do not think so you can hardly do that right as well.

Nothing but a mess of nerves and a pile of sweaty flesh that smells even worse than you look.

Sometimes I wonder why you even get out of bed at all, what is the point if you are just going to utterly

disappoint and degrade your self by feeling you serve any purpose what so ever at your so called job.

All your co workers laugh at how ridiculous you look trying to lift the heavy machinery with your flabby,puny

arms ,straining like you do almost having a stroke from to much action.

You are by far the most disgusting, piece of man bile I will ever have the dis pleasure of being near!

Go and clean my toilet with your tongue!

Vicious Mistress Veronika



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