humiliation after the holidays


There is something that really keeps my spirits up it is humiliation after the holidays.

You call that a cock it looks more like half a cocktail weenie that has been gnawed on by a shih tzu.

Do you really expect me to be able to be satisfied being served with that tiny shriveled up nothing?

You think your oral skills will cover it I do not think so you can hardly do that right as well.

Nothing but a mess of nerves and a pile of sweaty flesh that smells even worse than you look.

Sometimes I wonder why you even get out of bed at all, what is the point if you are just going to utterly

disappoint and degrade your self by feeling you serve any purpose what so ever at your so called job.

All your co workers laugh at how ridiculous you look trying to lift the heavy machinery with your flabby,puny

arms ,straining like you do almost having a stroke from to much action.

You are by far the most disgusting, piece of man bile I will ever have the dis pleasure of being near!

Go and clean my toilet with your tongue!

Vicious Mistress Veronika



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