Sounding Punishment

I am going to tie you down you nasty boy, pissing your bed again. Boys that piss themselves like pathetic babies get special punishments, ones that aren’t fun for you bed wetter, but is fun for me to see your pain like sounding. I am going to get a nice thick metal rod, then I am going to take that tiny little thing you call a dick and hold it straight. Slowly that rod is going to go into your piss hole splitting your dick open from the inside out. Your pee-pee is so small that the whole rod doesn’t even go in, only about half of it does. That hurts doesn’t it? Wuss, you can take more pain then that. I am going to fuck your urethra with bigger and bigger rods until I can shove my finger in your cock. Cry all you want piss boy it isn’t going to stop me from abusing you for being so disgusting.

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