1I will trample you stomp you into the ground because that is all you are worthy of  my pitiful slave thought  he could barter with me but got a nice surprise when he was taking a bath and i walked in on him he didn’t lock the bathroom door which he knew he wasn;t allowed to do anyways .I had on my eight inches heeled shoes that i love to punish him with he looked so relaxed laying there in those bubbles he likes to soak in.

I stepped one foot into the tub of water right on his crotch his eyes flew open with a surprised look on his pitiful face he knew what was coming he knew he had been bad very bad so i started crunching his ball and cock beneath my heeled shoe.The pain in his face was priceless not a sound did he make because he knew if he did during this process the punishment would be even more severe when i am finished he knows he can cry like a baby but not to touch those balls and cock not even to dry and make them feel better .After that he knows he is to come downstairs into the playroom where he will be punished even more so.Come to my playroom if you dare.

Mistress Morgan


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