gagged & bound

You come into my playroom like a small puppy, big eyes looking up at me you are sure to be gagged & bound before you can ask “Please have mercy on me ,Mistress V”?

In your feeble attempt to impress me tonight you come dressed in white thigh highs and matching  heels ,you think your such a pretty sissy don’t you?

I raise my hand to his horrified look as my riding crop lashes the air comes down with a torrent of pain on your scared,pathetic little ass! “Ouchhhh” you cry out.

I glare down at you and reply sternly “Did your mistress give you permission to speak, I do not think so now suffer!!!!!

I swat your back with my whip as angry red marks trail up and down your back , a painful lesson learned to be sure.

You wont be speaking out of tun anytime soon I would guess.

Viciously Vindictive




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