Giantess Domme

I was talking care of one of my cats the other day when I stood there and thought about how humans must appear to her. She’s such a tiny little girl, humans must look so huge and dangerous to her. She is good with me, but fearful of others. Even after all the time she has known him she is frightened by the sound of my boyfriend walking towards her. It started me thinking of how terrifying a Giantess Domme would be. Or any giantess really. It’s a fantasy that I really enjoy to discuss with my phone clients, but in reality it would be horrifying. Just imagine how it would look to be so tiny on the ground and this wicked mean giantess was hovering over you waiting to toy with you. The devious smile that would stretch over her lips would be that much wider in that enormous size.

As it is I stand 5’11” in stocking feet and I have long size 11 feet to put in those stockings. For a man who is merely 5’5” or less I would already be half a foot taller. Imagine if I grew a few feet .. or more. I could scoop him up with my hands, place him on my boot and cross my legs. Then just the sensation of bouncing so high in the air clinging to my boot for dear life would be an adventure. There are so many horrid wicked things I could do as a Giantess and I would love every single minute of it all.

Phone Mistress Veronika


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