Cruel Mistress

When you come to me to serve me as a Mistress be prepared to suffer. I want you to be prepared to suffer for my pleasures. Don’t worry about wimping out because I won’t allow it. I expect what I want and I don’t take excuses as to why you can’t deliver. If you do fall short of my expectations I’ll give you a harsh and cruel punishment before sending you away. I only want the very best slaves under my foot and if you can’t be one of them expect me to show my disappointment. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve spent on toys and clothes to look and act submissive, what I want comes from within you. I can torture you with out the first fetish shop purchased toy. I’m a cruel Mistress and if you’re ready to experience that then call me.

Mistress Veronika

Fetish Tease

Just when you thought that you were safe from me teasing you about your little fetish, I discover something in your user name that leads me to yet another weakness. That’s what I could say to one phone sub that I’ve been getting e-mails from. I knew my kinky boy liked shoes and boots but not I know he also has a bit of a bubblegum fetish. Now I don’t have a strong fetish for bubblegum myself but it tastes nice and I made sure that my pervy sub boy heard me snapping that gum the next time he called me up for some domination too. He gasped and said “Ohhhhh Mistress Angel, how did you know?” . That’s what’s so freaking hilarious, I didn’t know one hundred percent until his silly ass gave himself away. There was something about his user name that made me think that it was bubblegum or balloon fetish related, so I went with bubblegum and guess what? The silly perv couldn’t resist it from the get go and he told on himself. I teased him to the point of bursting. The life of a phone Mistress is so very good.

Mistress Angel


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