flogger dreaming

I know all about your flogger dreaming you do when I am not around.

Set the scene for you Imagine you there in the corner of my dungeon playroom gagged & blindfolded.

Your such a mess almost pissing yourself in fear of what I might do to you I just let you suffer you hear my boot heels

as I slowly walk over to you. I trail the flogger across your shoulder lightly at first then a-lot rougher I hear you whimper

a bit “Honestly,no one is going to hear you all the way down here in my dungeon ,scream if you must.” With this statement I bring the flogger down lashing your body all over. I run the handle of flogger across the scars starting to form on your big broad shoulders. You start to really cry out when I bring the flogger across your back with a hard slashing noise. I will never pity you here you are just another piece of furniture to me. To be used as I see fit.


Mistress V



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