Humiliation phonesex


Forced intoxication lovers ought to take a big big swallow from your bottles for me. Remember, the drunker you dipshits get for me, the better!

You get easier and easier to manipulate and use in depraved, dirty ways.*insert wicked sexy laughter* I wanna see damage. That’s why you pud pullers come to me, because you want me to laugh at you and point as you grovel around on the floor for my amusement. Humiliation phone sex just wouldn’t be the same without you guys.

I Just  love it when you cry out from all my taunting comments about how whiny and idiotic you are trying to please yourself in front of a me worthless worm.



forced intox

You’re already pathetic and weak you might as well grab a bottle before you call me so that I can order you to take shots for Me. Sure you could drink all by yourself, but what fun would that be slave? It’s more fun for your Mistress to get you sloshed and stupid and then take full advantage of your situation. I’ll make sure you drink enough to let all of your silly inhibitions go out the window before I use you for my amusement. So what drinks do you have on hand tonight slave? Make sure it’s something stout for me to order you to consume for me.

Mistress Veronika


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